Castelia City comes straight out of the Pokémon Black and White games. It's a big

Final Destination

Castelia City


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All characters from the Pokemon Universe

Availability Starter
Crate Type Wooden

city in the Pokémon world and features an expansive skyline full of buildings, billboards, and neon signs. This is the cosmopolitan area of the Pokémon world. Here you can meet trainers from far and wide and do battle against a whole bunch of different fighting styles. It is also rumored that Game Freak has a office in this city. Can you find it?

There aren’t too many hazards in this stage. In order for the stage to go from the streets to the rooftops, a construction beam will be lifted from the ground by a Gurdurr. Luckily, the beam itself is as long as the camera length. Only if the player misses the beam and stays down on the ground while the beam is lifted up does it truly become dangerous. However, the beam moves up slowly so unless you want to be KO’d, it’s easy to get back on the stage. This usually lasts one minute.

After the Gurdurr lifts up the construction beam, he will attach to a construction cable which will lift the beam to the skyline. This lasts about 40 seconds in length. During this time, the construction beam will slowly spin around, similar to how Black and White showed and experimented on different camera angles or moving objects. The construction platform will reach the skyline, stop and wait for players to leave the construction beam. Once everyone is off, it will descend below.

The skyline doesn’t move and there aren’t any obstacles/hazards save for not falling down between the buildings. There are five rooftops and two bill board signs that players can stand on. There is a tall, slender building with a small rooftop, once with a radio tower on it that players have to jump over, a wide one with a wide rooftop, a wide one with a video screen (pictured on the main picture). and another one that is shaped like a tetris block (see to the left of the yellow building).

After a minute, the construction beam will appear again and take players to the bottom of the stage.

SONGS for My Music

Legendary Pokemon Battle (Pokemon Black/White)

Braniacmaniac (Plants Vs. Zombies)

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