Cackletta Is The Main Antagonist In Mario And Lugi Superstar Saga And Is A Villain In SSB4 And A Puppet Used By GigaDeath.In The Subspace Emissary, She First Appears To Summon The Dark Powerpuff Girls,Then Resurrects A Giant Vacum Cleaner.As A Boss, You Battle Her In The Crystal Cave. She Attacks By Slashing With Her Claws,Summoning Bats,Duplicating Herself,And Shooting VElectirc oids Of Darkness.

Attacks As A Boss:

Claw Swipe:Slashes With Her Claw,Her Weakest Attack Doing Around 10% Damage At The Most

Bat Summon: Opens A Portal And Bats Fly Out To Strike You While Cackletta Laughs. Does Around 5% to 15% Per Bat.

Duplication:Turns Into 3 And Can Now Do 3 Attacks At Once,Hit The Wrong One And It Turns Into Bats And Does 20% Of Damage,Hit The Right One,And The Other 2 Disappear.

Voids Of Darkness: Grows Gigantic,Screams,And Shoots A Few Lighting Bolts,Turning Into Voids. Her Most Dangerous Attack,Doing Around 70% Of Damage.

In The End Of The World, Cackletta Returns Much Deadlier Than Before,And Is The First Boss You See In The Level. Her Claws Are Bigger And Now Do 50% Damage,Her Bats Are Giant And Faster,Doing 75% Damage Per Bat,She Now Duplicates Into 7,And Hitting The Wrong One Doesn't Disappear,And Does 40% Damage.And Her Void Attack Does Is A One Hit KO.

Once You Defeat Her,A Chain Tied Around Her Neck Breaks And Tons Of Black Parasites Run Out Of Her. Cakletta Get Up,Apoligises,And Joins Your Team For The Rest Of The Story.

Attacks As A Playable Character: Her Standard A Attacks Consist Of Magic Attacks And Claw Attacks.

Standard Special:A Bolt Of Lighting Blasts A Little Away From Her,If It Hits,It Does 35% Damage,If It Hits The Ground,It Creates A Small Void That Goes Across The Screen Always Going Straight.

Side Special:2 Bat Portals Appear On The Sides Of Cackletta That Shoot 3-7 Bats,Each Doing 5% To 20% Depending On Size.

Up Special: Fawful Flies In And Picks Up Cackletta With His Flying Headgear,Allowing Flight For 5 Secounds.

Down Special: 2 Copies Dash To The Sides Of Cackletta, Before Disappearing When The Attack Animation Is Over.

Final Smash: Turns Into Bowletta, Making Her A Much Powerful,Faster,And Invincible Version Of Bowser,It Lasts 30 Secounds And At The End,If Anyone Is Remaining She Hasn't KO'd Yet,She Sucks Them Into Her Stomach For A Instant KO.

Theme:A Remix Of His First Battle Theme

Trophy:A Terrible Vilian Who Plotted To Rule Both The Mushroom Kingdom And The Bean Bean Kingdom,But Was Thwarted By Mario And Luigi,She Returned When She And A Friend Of Hers Told Her About The Army Of Darkness,She Joined,And Is Finally Ready To Go From 2 Kingdoms,To 1 Part Of The World,She's Currently Hoping She Gets To Own Thailand.

The Stage He Would Bring With Him Is Both,The Crystal Cave Arena,And Bowsers Cruiser.

Crystal Cave Arena:The Area You Fight Him In The First Time In Story Mode. No Gimmics,Perfect For Tournaments In The Winter,And A Good Place To Fight If You Only Like To Fight IN Final Destination,And Want Something A Little Different

Bowsers Cruiser: Alot Like Deflfino Island,You Fight On Floors Of The Ship Until A Claw Picks You All Up And Puts You On The Next Floor.

Floor 1:Covered In Boxes,You Can Break These For Items.

Floor 2:Your Basic Floor,No Gimmicks, Goombas, Koopas,Ect, Watch From The Background.

Floor 3: Bowsers Bedroom:You Can Jump On The Bed For Ariel Attacks.

Top Floor: A Giant Laser Cannon Fires Onto The Stage Controlled By Either Cakletta Or Fawful *Depends On If Cackletta Is Being Used Curently By A Player/Cpu*.

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