Layton is the protagonist of a popular series of video games that is having much success. Seeing that many people enjoy Professor Layton's games, many of them have been wanting him to be apart of the future instalment of SSB4.

Also the twitter account of "Layton" gave encouraging signs :

'"I received an invitation this morning to something called the "Grand Smash Brothers Tournament". Does anyone know anything about it?""I'm on my way to the "Grand Smash Tournament" now! Wish me luck! Though, I am not exactly sure what I am going to be doing..."'

'"This is nothing like what I expected! I was told to FIGHT a blue robot boy , a possessed doll , and a Tiny Boxer ! I'm leaving at once!"'

Despite there being many who want Prof. Layton to be in SSb4, there are also people who say that Layton shouldn't be in SSB4 because he would not have good or intresting attacks; however, there are many puzzles that involve gadgets, and Layton has been confirmed to be great at fencing, so this could help construct his moveset. Since his games are on Portable systems, the proffesor could become a 3DS exclusive.


A. Sword Draw

<-A-> Sword Swipe

A ^ Overhead Chance

A V Block and Counter

B. Umbrella Smack: Self Explanitory (This is not a joke nor a stereotype, there is an umbrella in this series.)

<-B-> Wind-up Robot: Layton drops a windup robot from Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and drops it on the ground. Similar to a Bob-omb, the robot attacks anyone that comes near it, except Layton.

B ^ Watch Grapple: Layton uses a watch-grappling hook as a third jump.

B V Tea Drink: Self explanitory health recovery.

Final Smash: Slot Machine Gun

Layton takes slot machine parts and makes a machine gun like the one seen in Unwound Future, and fires it in a sweeping motion for 20 seconds. Think of Meowth's payday, but bigger, flashier, and more damaging. 

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