Brayden is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4 and is freakin' awesome. He has awesome hair, and awesome clothes and stuff.


Brayden's moves are rather simple to use. He has unnatural PSI Abilities which allow him to beat the crud out of people.

SIDE A: Brainshock - Brayden sends a electro magnetic orb that explodes on contact with an enemy. Heck yeah.

UP A: Hunger Games Mockingjayy- Brayden sends a flock of Mocking-jays from the hunger games away. Using their extremely sharp beaks, they will peck enimies.

Upon landing this attack, Brayden will say, "LOVE YA EFFIE!!"

DOWN A: OCD- Brayden will grab a player and re-arrange them to be perfectly symmetrical, caused by his OCD. This does extreme damage.

UP B: Brayden




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