Br're Fox and Br'er are also boss Canidates working together and a couple of battles. in Phase 1, Dan, Hercules, Alice Liddell, Wreck-It Ralph, Misty and Br'er Rabbit faces them and they're theme in phase 1 is Rowdy Rumble from Kingdom Hearts II.

Later on Phase 2 = Dan, Alice, Hercules, Ralph, Misty, Br'er Rabbit, Neku and Cloud Strife Faces Them. They're Theme in Phase 2 is The 13th Dilemma from Kingdom Hearts II.

Here's The Quote to Begin and End the battle for Phase 1

-Dan: hey guys... Look! It's Br're Rabbit C'mon!!!

-Br'er Fox: hahaha at last we got you now Br'er Rabbit!!

-Wreck-It Ralph: HEY!! Leave Him ALONE!!!

-Br'er Fox: It's Too Late for That Now!

-Dan: Not too late. Not on You're Life. C'mon Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear, Show Us what you worth!!!!

(End of Batle)

-(Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear Runs Away)

-Misty: Phew that was Close.

-Dan: No Doubt. '''For Some Reason, Those Two are part of The Villains' Plan. Looks Like it's time to Go.

(After Battle, Br'er Rabbit joins the team)

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