Bowser Jr. SSB4 Appearance

Bowser Jr. Confirmed in the Wii U and 3DS Versions :)

Bowser Jr. is the son of Bowser and the arch nemesis of Mario and Luigi. Bowser Jr. has never appeared playable in a Super Smash Bros game to date, until now. He is in the newest installment of the Super Smash Bros. He was in various games like Super Mario Sunshine and the Wii games for Mario, but he also represents a unique play-style: a character that can deal out damage but can't take a lot of punishment. Bowser Jr. adds a villain to the roster and was expected to have a very high chance of being included, in which he is. He is unlockable in the 3DS version, but a starter in Wii U.



Clear Classic Mode as Bowser on Extra Spicy or higher.

Play 100 VS. Matches


Bowser Jr

  • B - Clown Cannon: Shoots a cannon ball from the clown car's mouth, charge up for more distance and damage.
  • B Side - Clown Kart Dash: The koopa clown kart gains wheels and drives at full speed. Keep moving to increase speed and damage. but it can also be stopped early by moving backward to perform a spin with increased damage.
  • B Up - Abandon Ship!: Bowser Jr. ejects out of his clown kart which then explodes after a moment. In the air he can still attack with a high damage and knockback inducing hammer and dodge too. He regains his kart when he lands.
  • B Down - Mechakoopa: Bowser Jr. releases a mechakoopa from the clown kart which can walk around the stage. Eventually it will detonate, but if touched by and enemy it will spring into the air and explode. They can also be picked up as items.
  • Final Smash - Shadow Mario Paint: Bowser Jr. transforms into Shadow Mario and draws an X on the screen. Anyone caught in it will continuously take damage up to 52% before finally being sent off.

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