Bowser Jr. is the son of Bowser and the arch nemesis of Mario and Luigi. Bowser Jr. has never appeared playable in a Super Smash Bros game to date, but he is rumored to appear in SSB4. Not only was he in Super Mario Sunshine and the Wii games for Mario, but he also represents a unique play-style: a chracter that can deal out damage but can't take a lot of punishment. Bowser Jr. adds a villain to the roster and has a very high chance of being included since Nintendo is considering him.    
Bowser Jr. SSB4 Appearance

Bowser Jr. Confirmed in the Wii U and 3DS Versions :)

Is This Bowser Jr. is Leaked or Fake


Bowser Jr

  • B- Fireball: Shoots a fireball from his mouth, bigger then Mario's fireball, charge up for more distance
  • B Side- koopa shell throw
  • B Up- Koopa Clown Car:
  • B Down- Brush Wack
  • Final Smash- Airship Armada

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