Bolverk is a boss in SSB4. He is very mean and creepy. His theme is the same as always, "Faithful Servant" from
20110725172923!Bolverk with Freki & Geri
Devil May Cry 2. He controls Freki and Geri, who eventually become good and Assist Trophy characters. He is fought by Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and Mewtwo. Here's the quotes from the battle's beginning and end.

Start of Duel

(The five hear loud demonic laughter and wolves howling in the background)

Mario: MAMA MIA!!!! What-a was that?

Wario: Aww, kmon, cuson, you know that's only "*That Guy*".

(Bolverk Enters)

Bolverk: Well, well, well... We've got company.


Waluigi: Yea, I see him too!!

Freki: Aha!! Here's the problem. 

Geri: What would that be?

Freki: Four plumbers and a big cat with telepathic talking skills.

Mewtwo: Fight me, coward!!!

Bolverk: I am no coward, But those plumbers are. now DIE!!!!

End of Duel


Mewtwo: You have met your match. It's your fault you came here.

Bolverk: ALRIGHT!!! I submit my defeat. BUT!!

Mewtwo: But WHAT!?

Bolverk: Who knows when I will return. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! (Disappears)

Mario: Is... Is he-a gone?

Luigi: I guess so.

Wario: What a nightmare that was!

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