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Blaziken is Pokémon #257 and is the evolved form of Combusken and final form of Torchic and possible character for SSB4.

Many people want Blaziken as playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4 because he is a strong Fighting type Pokemon that fits the most in the Super Smash Bros. series. He is the most requested Pokemon representitive, other than Mewtwo and Lucario. His Mega Evolved form Mega Blaziken will be his Final Smash and he had a huge role in the anime by saving Ash when he fell off of Prism Tower so Blaziken has a very high chance of being in the game. Unfortunately for Blaziken, Speed Boost is OP so he's banned forever.      

Blaziken has a amazing jumping ability that allows him to jump to high platforms. 

Special MovesEdit

Neutral Special Move: Flamethrower

Description: Blaziken will breath a stream of flames from his mouth at a foe infront of it.

Side Special Move: Fire Punch

Description: Blaziken will punch at his foe with flaming punch. Similar to Captian Falcon's Falcon Punch, this move can be charged so that Blaziken can lunge at any nearby foes to knock them away with the powerful punch.

Up Special Move: Brave Bird

Description: Blaziken will lunge into the sky in a spiraling pattern to attack any foes in mid-air.

Down Special Move: Blaze Kick

Description: Blaziken will lunge at his foes with flaming thrust kick. Similar to Captian Falcon's Falcon Kick, this move can be charged so that Blaziken can lunge at any foes.

Final Smash: Mega Blaziken/Super Nova

Description: Blaziken will Mega evolve into Mega Blaziken, all of his attacks will be more powerful and if the Neutral Special move is used, Mega Blaziken makes a Super Nova and unleash a dome of flames from his body to knock away any foes surrounding him. This does cancel out the Final Smash though.

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