Black Mage is a canidate player for SSB4. He has a pure black face and a straw hat. He is from Final Fantasy. 


Jab- Black Boxer - punches twice. 3% then 5% adding to 8% damage.

forward tilt- skeleton staff - hits with staff, making a microphone feedback noise when it connects. 9% damage.

up tilt- Goblin Fist - punches up with goblin fist. 11% 

down tilt- You Can't Sweep With A Knife! - stabs knife along floor. 9% damage. a good semi-spike.

forward smash- Shell-shock -  launches a shock from his staff that sags to the floor. 19% uncharged-26% a fully charged.

up smash- fire punch -  punches with fire. 15% uncharged. 22% fully charged..

down smash- blizzard bleach - crashes ice on the ground. freezes. 16% uncharged, 19% fully charged.

neutral air-  fire pinwheel - spins with fire. 12% if all hits connect.

forward air- Chcocbo's foot - kicks with chocobo foot. 12% can start a Ken Combo.

Back air- blind knife - stabs knife behind. 15% damage. can gimp if sweetspotted repeatedly

Down air- execute - swings scythe below. B - Stop - Stops opponents from moving..

Side B - Haste - Black Mage teleports to the closest foe and does a series of attacks.

Up B - Warp - You can control where he goes.

Down B - Meteor - Black Mage summons a meteor that can be charged.

Final Smash - Random Battle - This causes Black Mage to run off in alarm as monsters (Goblins, Bombs, Wolves, Ogres, etc.) flow round the stage while black mage uses a spell of his choice near the end of the FS

Random battle spells-

Fireaga-summons a ring of flame with long startup lag. 80% damage. hard to dodge due to beasts and almost always an OHKO.

Saber- a huge cutlass/saber appears and spins. it can be blocked with a shield because it can do huge damage. (Up to 100%) 

iceaga- identical in appearence (But not colour) and animation to Fireaga dealing freeze damage and hardly any set knockback so the monsters can do a final bit of damage.

thunderaga- similar to Yuga's attack from The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between words. a hologram appears above the opponent and turns real. can be avoided by running away without being knocked back.

Easter Eggs:

Down Air- slices a scythe below him. if it hits in the middle of the move it will summon a grim reaper who after 3 seconds, meteor smashes opponent. useful if opponent is thrown offstage at low percentages. 

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