_.xX~*~+ brawl in the Family The Fan-Ficion................+~*~xX._by metaknight5ever

it was One day on Brawlinthe Family the forums and everyone was doing really good. When suddenly something strange happens. Suddenly it was that everyone was suddenly becoming not on the forums doing good. All of the sudden, a user whent to talk to one of the Moderators of the forum his name was SupernintenFreak). "hello superNintenfreak I think they'res something wrong with the fourms......." said MKaN (his name was Meta_night_at_knight)) you need to DO SOMETHING or else the forums wil be gone 4EVER....!!!!!" so 

SNF suddenly pulled out a giant gun from his left pockit and he said "mkan.......... I will BRB." And so Benjiman said "SNF please hold me." "no" said SNF because he is not gay so he shot mkan with the huge gun and he said "mkan im sorry i Had to do that but...........I am a lose canon cop and I must save teh fourms!!"

suddenly SNintenF was flying thru the sky ussing his giant gun wich was also a helecopter which had lazers to. SNF was flying and he saw Sonic and so he flew down to sonic and sonic said "gotta go fast!!!!" SNF was offended becuz it was aganst his religion to go fast so he shot sonic and sonic died.

Suddenly SNF was at Mount dedede. "Im at Mount Dedede." said SNF. he coughed becuz he had a soar throat. all of the sudden there was a monster outside of mt. Dedede blocking SNF's path! the monster was called Eurodrait.

"rrrrrrrrRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAARRRGHHHHH" said Euradraith "I'M GONNA KILL YOU" AND he was throughing rocks at SNF!!!!! "AHHHHHH" snf squealed like a tiny piglet but erudriath didnt care because he was REALLY MAD...!!!

Euridrith thru a rock so hard that suddenly SNF died!! "hahahAHAHAHFH" laughed Eruedriath evely. "i MURDERED HIM AND NOW I CAN TAKE OVER THE FOURMS!!!!!! AND THEN I CAN BLOW UP TEH MOON WITH THE LAZERS FROM THIS HELECOPTER!!! Aahahaha!!!" laughed Ereudrgh.

but then he herd teh sounds of spurs.......

"cant let u do that, star fox.............." said a voice and it was dark and it was scary so eruedriath was scarred. It was TRIFORCEBUN.

TRIFORCEBUN pulled out a giant hammer and he pointed it and eureatht and said "you have gone to far Edrujfd. I msut ban ye!!!!" Euredath cried NOOOOOO But it was to late because TRIFORCEBUN had allready slamed teh PWNZORS BANHAMMER DOWN on Euredreeths sorry @$$. and he was gone 4EVER.

U dont mess with my fourms..................." said TRIFORCEBUN. "becuz i will ban u and drink ur blood.'

teh entire fourms rejoised!!! because the death of eurebfkj was very impotent. everyone was their, even Waluigi! "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" said walugi and everyone laughed because everyone loves waluigi alot.

the end?

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