Arcade Mode Beginning

How the Start of Arcade Mode is supposed to look like

Arcade Mode is a possible renaming of "Classic Mode" for SSB4. It goes like this.

1. Standard Battle

2. Double Battle

3. Boss Battle with Galleom or Maleficent

4. Target Test

5. Team Battle

6. Giant Battle

7. Boss Battle with Petey Piranha or Mecha Dragon.

8. Board the Platforms

9. Metal Battle

10. Boss Battle with General Scales or Jafar

11.Race to the Finish

12. Tripple Team Battle with 3 villains on Final Destination.

13. Final Battle with Master hand, and on occasions, Crazy hand, HIM, Gigantic Bowser (If Bowser was fought on stage 12), or Kerozene at Final Destination.

The characters you fight and the stages they're in are:

Character Stage(s)
Bowser Final Destination
Captain Falcon Big Blue
Mario Delphino Plaza
Luigi Delphino Plaza
Pikachu Pokemon Stadium 3
Mewtwo Final Destination, Pokemon Stadium 3
Ganondorf Great Bay, Hyrule Castle
Zelda Great Bay, Hyrule Castle
Link Great Bay, Hyrule Castle
Samus Norfair
Ridley Norfair
Donkey Kong Kongo Jungle
Lloyd Great Bay
Blossom Battlefield
Bubbles Battlefield
Buttercup Battlefield
Pokemon Trainer (Ash) Pokemon Stadium 3
Pokemon Trainer (Dawn) Pokemon Stadium 3
Lucario Pokemon Stadium 3
Zoroark Pokemon Stadium 3, Final Destination
Maxwell Metaforest
Lily Metaforest
Sora Traverse Town
Simba Kongo Jungle
Mickey Mouse Wasteland
Megaman Castle Wily
Lip Battlefield
Yugi Muto Kaiba Corp.
Seto Kaiba Kaiba Cop., Final Destination
Blaziken Pokemon Stadium 3
Brick Final Destination
Boomer Final Destination
Butch Final Destination
Sonic Green Hill Zone
Amy Green Hill Zone
Shadow the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone, Final Destination
Snake Shadow Moses Island
Kirby Fountain of Dreams
Fox McCloud Sector Z
Wolf O'Donnel Sector Z, Final Destination
Falco Sector Z
Pokemon Ranger Hippowdon Temple
King De De De Fountain of Dreams
Meta Knight Final Destination
Earthworm Jim Battlefield
Wario Wario Ware
Peach Peach's Castle
Jigglypuff Pokemon Stadium 3
Dipper Mystery Shack
Mabel Mystery Shack
Yoshi Yoshi's Island
Bowser Jr. Final Destination
Pac man Pac Man Arcade

Wreck-It Ralph Battlefield

Vanellope von Schweetz Battlefield

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