As he will appear in the game.

Andross is a character candidate for SSB4.He is the main villain in Star Fox. He died in Star Fox adventures, the game that marked Krystal's debut, as well as Andross' death. However, Prior to this game, his nephew, Andrew Oikonny, ressurected his "UNCLE ANDROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Before you say that Andross is too big, like Ridley, he could be easily scaled down. They scaled Bowser down from his size in the Mario games, so he could be playable in Melee, and later in Brawl. They even scaled up a few characters. For example, Olimar is generally a lot smaller than a gamecube cotroller, (Heck, he isn't even the size of a gamecube GAME-DISC!) but in Brawl. they scaled him up to be a little shorter than the 13-inch-tall Sonic, who was scaled up to be the same size as the red-clad, portly Italian plumber, Mario! Now, where was I? Oh yeah! Andross would take on a modernized version of his Star Fox 64 look. His moveset is seen below: 

Standard B: Meteor Spit: Andross exclaims "Take THIS!" and then spits meteors.

Suction: This is just the charging sequence of Andross' Meteor Spit, but I'll explain it anyway. It works kinda like Dedede's version of Kirby's Inhale, but Andross can't suck up items. After you stop charging, Andross will Actually use the Meteor Spit.

Side B: Finger Laser: a laser emits from Andross' Index finger, lasting as long as Ike's Quick Draw

Up B: Monkey Boom: an explosion happens below andross, blasting him into the air.

Down B: Palm Smash: Andross slams his hands into the ground, palms open. Works sorta like a nuclear version of DK's Hand Slap.

Final Smash: Universal Domination: Andross yells "Finally I am able to rule the Universe!!!!!" and then he laughs maniacally. As he does, lightning flashes. hurting anyone that the bolts strike. Andross then says "Yes! YES!" and laughs even more maniacally than last time. All the effects that happen afterwards include, but are not limited to:

  • Lightning striking the stage again
  • Tidal Wave
  • Tornados
  • Earthquakes
  • Blizzards
  • Everyone else taunting uncontrollably
  • and Explosions out of nowhere.

When any of the players who are controlling Andross' opponents see this happen, they'll be all like, "IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" The player controlling Andross will be all, "Hahahahahaaaaaaaa! They said I could NEVER conquer all existence!

More realistically is Boss battle and not playable and fought by Fox, Falco, Wolf and Krystal

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