The Alternate Costumes are copies of character with different colors or clothes and for some, a few moveset changes.

likely canidates are Dr.Mario, Pichu, Young Link and Roy.

other posibilities are 

Dr. Luigi, Mr.L

Shadow Queen, nurse peach, daisy

raichu, plusle, minun

crowned jigglypuff, fairy winged, both

dry bowser, dark bowser

Classic Sonic, Metal Sonic

both forms of mephiles

train outfit, classic link outfit and outset island outfit, shadow link (toonlink)

The announcer guy in wii party u (Mii's)

Zero, Protoman, Bass (Mega Man)

Restraint armor (Mewtwo)

Dark Pit

Dark Link, Classic Link, Ravio

Boshi, Yarn Yoshi

Female Villager

Lucina (Marth)

Bounty hunters (Samus)

Blood falcon, Black Shadow (Captain Falcon)

Ninten, Poo, Jeff (Ness)

Claus (Lucas)

Slippy, Hare (StarFox)

Leon, Panther (Wolf)

Cosmic Clone (Rosalina)

Doc Louis (Little Mac)

Globox, raving rabbid (Rayman)

prince fluff ((non yarn)Kirby)

Yarn Kirby (Prince Fluff)

GalactaKnight (MetaKnight)

Funky Kong (Donkey Kong)

Toadsworth, toadette, toad brigade captain ((Toad)probably for next time though)

Fire Primid ((Primid)Would be cool and funny)

Other pokemon trainers (Pokemon Trainer)

Hilda,Skyward Sword Zelda

Louie, Charlie, Alph, Brittany (Olimar)

add on if you wish...

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