All-Star mode is a gameplay mode available in Super Smash Bros 4 that pits the player against every playable character in the game.

Opponent Stage
Mario Battlefield
Donkey Kong ??? (Wii U) / Donkey Kong Country Returns Stage (3DS)
Link Skyloft (Wii U) / Gerudo Valley (3DS)
Samus Pyrosphere (Wii U) / ??? (3DS)
Kirby ??? (Wii U) / Nintendogs Stage (3DS)
Fox ??? (Wii U) / ??? (3DS)
Pikachu ??? (Wii U) / ??? (3DS)
Bowser ??? (Wii U) / ??? (3DS)
Pit Wii U Kid Icarus Stage (Wii U) / 3DS Kid Icarus Stage (3DS)
Olimar Garden of Hope (Wii U) / ??? (3DS)
Luigi ??? (Wii U) / Super Mario 3D Land Stage (3DS)
Peach ??? (Wii U) / ??? (3DS)
Toon Link ??? (Wii U) / The Spirit Train (3DS)
Sonic Windy Hill Zone (Wii U) / ??? (3DS
Marth ??? (Wii U) / Arena Ferox (3DS)
Zelda ??? (Wii U) / ??? (3DS)
King Dedede ??? (Wii U) / ??? (3DS)
Lucario ??? (Wii U) / ??? (3DS)
Diddy Kong ??? (Wii U) / ??? (3DS)
Villager The City (Wii U) / The Island (3DS)
Mega Man Wily Castle (Wii U) / ??? (3DS)
Wii Fit Trainer The Workout Room (Wii U) / The Castle of Darkness (3DS)
Rosalina Super Mario Galaxy Stage (Wii U) / Rainbow Road (3DS)
Little Mac Boxing Ring

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